CPShutters has been building Custom Plantation Shutters since 1980 .  That's 38 years of experience!  We have seen many fads come and go, but from the very beginning, we knew there was no substitute for quality.  That is what we offer... A quality  interior hardwood shutter in Chesapeake at a competitive price.

 Whether your home is brand new on the oceanfront needing a five inch louver spacing or a 200 year old colonial needing a one and a half inch louver spacing,  we can design to fit your need.  We offer 1.5, 2, 3, 4, and 5 inch louver spacing.  Our job is to lead you through the process of choosing a louver size and type of installation that compliments your home and windows.  

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 At CPShutters, we have built our livelihood on being able to do what others can't. Not all windows are created equal, nor should they be treated as such. Every window has unique characteristics that range from varying sizes, depths, and degree of square.  Custom Plantation Shutters should be equally tailored to each individual window.  Installation is everything.  CPshutters is the shutter company referred by other shutter companies.  When they run out of options to suit your needs, even our competitors know... CPShutters can do it. 

Custom Plantation Shutters

in Chesapeake, Virginia


"Designed for Living, Built for Life"